Kayan Service have a team of experienced and certified professionals to take care of the repair , maintenance and support services for IT produces .Covering variety of products including : Printers , PCs, Workstations, Servers and Tablets.

Solve Your Printer Issues
General Printer Troubleshooting (1)   Printing issues may be hardware or software problems. Sometimes you don’t need for a technician and others you need him, that’s why we are trying to show you some troubleshooting steps for general errors you may face anytime and you need them to be fixed very quickly.   Printer does
Not Manage Print services
Managed print services are not only necessary for business but also not having managed print services will affect your business very badly and put you in risks. Kayan see that it is important to tell you some of these risks to take care of them and help your business to grow. There are many risks
The Importance of Regular Printer Maintenance
Can you imagine how your business will be affected if your printer suddenly stopped for working and you need it for a serious issue! Kayan know that regular printer maintenance is very important for business. It’s part from a perfect maintenance strategy for business and helps you to avoid any sudden issues during the work
Printer Color Quality
We know that a high quality color is very professional for business and sometimes you may have a bad quality and you think that the problem is in the device type. That’s why Kayan take care of helping your business to be aware of How to improve your quality color printer results! There are many
Solve Your Printer Issues
General Printer Troubleshooting (2) Printing has many issues and you have to be aware of many problems that you may face in printers. That’s why Kayan do an effort to teach you the general printing troubleshooting steps. Printer self tests A printer test page allows you to check if the printer is working. It is
Kayan printer Maintenance
Nowadays with rapid Technological Advancements and their Effects in small and large businesses, Owners and Managers are struggling to reduce their business expenses. managed print services is critical. Kayan Service LLC plays a vital role to make sure of controlling your business print services and to provide enterprise printing solution deployments with Certified and Trained