Onsite Support

On Site Printer Support

While you are using printing device you might face a lot of problems.

  • Printer stopped working
    • Printing device or scanner stopped working
    • it might give you some errors while you try to print
    • it does not print anything at all
    • it gives you an error that the printer services cannot initiated or not installed
    • You do not find your printing device in the list.
    • You cannot print a particular file or kind of file.
    • Cannot print from your browser
    • You cannot configure the wireless printer
    • You cannot configure a network printer
    • You cannot share your printing device
    • Printing size are not adjusted

We provide support for printers in following ways:
• Installation of Printer Drivers/Toner Cartridge
• Setup/Installation of your Printer
• We offer you the Latest Drivers Update
• Network Printer Connection to Windows OS
• Printer Software Optimization for improved performance
• General Printer Troubleshooting
• Fixing Printer Carriage Jams
• Troubleshooting Spooler Problems and other Error Messages
• Correcting Plug and Play Errors
• Test Print Confirmation

On Site Network support/services

Kayan can provide you with the competitive advantage needed in today’s service-oriented and fast-paced work environment.

You may still remember the days of dial-up internet; you could go for a walk and come back before your computer connected to the website. Most internet service providers have vastly improved since those days, but we still have occasional internet connection problems. We service all high-speed, cable and internet configurations. If you need any help with your internet, call Kayan.

We can help you in

  • DSL Configuration
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Wiring
  • VPN Setup & Support
  • Wireless LAN Setup
  • Internet Cafe Installation
  • Router & Server Installation
  • Wireless Networking


On Site PC support

Do you remember how fast your computer ran when you first bought it? But unfortunately, as time goes on, your new computer can start to slow down, your daily programs don’t run as fast as it was, or unable to connect to the internet. Call kayan and we will come to your office to fix your computer we can make your computer run as good as new again the Laptop /PC Support Services are available for all kinds of personal computers – Desktops, Laptops and All-in-one Computers.