Full/Part time resident engineer services

Full/Part Time Resident Engineer Services

Full/Part Time Resident Engineer Services

Training staff and keeping them up-to-date on the latest technologies and equipment is an ongoing responsibility. When your company receives new equipment or systems your staff needs new skills to efficiently operate, maintain, and manage them. Trying to develop those skills without help can be an expensive, time-consuming task. Kayan’s Dedicated Resident Engineer Service provides experienced engineers to conduct On-the-Job Training (OJT) and supplement your staff until they are fully trained.

The service is also ideal when you have a short- or long-term shortage of qualified operating staff. Dedicated Kayan’s engineers can quickly fill your staffing gaps while training and rebuilding your new team.

The Dedicated Resident Engineer Service provides:

  • Resident Kayan engineers dedicated specifically to your company
  • Direct access to extensive kayan engineering skills and expertise directly to your employees in a flexible, fast, and cost effective way to jump start your team.

The Challenge: The need for specialized and extended Technical Expertise outside standard in-house resource capabilities. As larger organizations face tight deadlines and strive to respond effectively to evolving testing requirements, they often find they do not have the qualified personnel on site. Faced with implementing a new testing product, utilizing new testing methodologies or integrating new automation solutions, the risk of not having the right expertise on site at the right time means release schedules and budgets are at risk.